Custom Built Software

Lots of people have little idea about their rights buying the custom software. If you opt to bespoke software (bespoke software is kind a weird name for “custom built”) for your website and you decide to pay for bespoke software development in your agreement with software developer must be expressly set forth the term that the software developed and its source code belongs to you and/or your company and must entitle you edit, modify or transfer your website to another host only by your own initiative without anybody else’s consent.

Bespoke software development

Companies pay plenty of money for bespoke development but further on find out that they have only a license for the software and have absolutely no control over it. They can’t do anything with it: transfer to another host, make changes or reworks of some modules. It appears that all software, including source code and all data belong to the company which developed the software them.

Some possible consequences of custom built software using.